By : Rahul Tripathi
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Mythology with a twist”. Yes, that’s his genre of writing. Scion of Ikshvaku is the first of the five books of Amish Tripathi in Rama series after his famous Shiva Trilogy. Ikshvaku was the first king of Suryavansha dynasty and the first part revolves around the noble descendants of this righteous and glorious king. Amish has chosen RAMA to be his hero this time and this makes the book more interesting. Amish says that  there is no evil, it’s all perception and this idea worked with Lord Shiva, but here, we know Lord Ram as a person who fought against evil. The story starts from a battle between Dasharath and Ravaana, where Dasharath is defeated. Dasharath blames Rama for his defeat as he was born when Dasharath was facing the heat of defeat. Certain facts like apathetical treatment of Rama by Dasharath may not impress many readers.  Ramayana depicts Manthara as evil but as Amish says, there is no evil, so Manthara has her own reason of hating Lord Rama. Ram does not order death penalty to Dhenuka who is convicted for raping and murdering Roshni, daughter of Manthara, as he is under age which makes Manthara furious.

Ram is forced to use Asurastra, a biological weapon in a war. The use of this weapon is forbidden and the Vayuputras can’t use it. Ram decides to take a 14 year exile as punishment for breaking Rudra's rule about the weapon use.

The original plot is unchanged but certain events are added to make the book more interesting. Hanuman is a Naga, yes the same Naga which was mentioned in the trilogy. Like the last trilogy series, women in this series are also shown stronger and independent. In the original plot, Manthara is a servant, but here she is a businesswomen. Sita is a queen but yes she can fight just like Sati.

The way Amish presents the relation of Lord Rama and Sita is quite interesting. This book is worth reading and people who have read the last three books must read this book as it gives you so much more to explore. Read this novel to see Lord Ram with a different point of view. 



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