Connecting the dots...

Connecting the dots...

By : Atul Chaturvedi
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Unity is in standing together, our esteemed college stood up on the co-foundations of education, innovation and long lasting expectations of growing to a better stand. Distribution of students and faculty members from different parts of the state adds to diversity parameter of the college, thereby enhancing the atmosphere of learning. These diversified roads increases the probability of ending up at the different castle of success.

In every such positive atmosphere learning and growing, we need to trace the gaps to bring it to a brand new level.  “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards” and now when we have numerous initiatives in the college aimed at persona development of its beings, it becomes a responsibility of ours to check if the persisting things do not get dormant in race of including the newer ones.

Every branch in the curriculum has its council or forum which helps in brushing up the skills and knowledge of students. The extent to which these parameters affect the lives of the students depends solely on their activeness. These councils and forums are the first interaction of the newcomers when we talk about extra-curricular involvement. They provide a replica of hierarchical systems in the corporate world ahead. Students are incorporated into the council after a proper interview process whereby students learn developing their resumes and conducting interviews in parallel.

In the recent past of KNIT, we have witnessed the inter-year communication turning to an enigma. Students tend to incline themselves with people they acknowledge as known. In order to maintain the charm of the students, we need to ensure them the right company at the right time. These little steps can unite the students towards college development. It is also significant that the ideas of events of various councils contradict to each other.  We need to lose this redundancy of ideas and create a new stream which can boost the moral conduct and interest of the students. Any kind of dormancy in them needs to be triggered to change its course. This dormancy in councils or forums creates lack of participation of students.

Lack of students can be countered by adding extra weightage to the academic markings of the students involved in these activities and also by initiating new events and ideas. These measures could attract students to give their participation in these personality enhancing activities.  Even distribution of students under different councils can reduce the busyness of the students and this way they can give their cent per cent without any excuse. A review process by each council’s senior member can be incorporated at the end of each year to add or remove members thus emanating a sense of unbiased interview.  Every such challenge needs to be countered at every step for the growth of these councils and students.

Proper channelizing of funds should be done so that everything is done at a transparent level along with full utilization of money. A centralized funding system for all councils and forums could be a catch. In this way, no money shall be spent in ill ways and this can help in improving the system. Every council or forums should have their own website and update its sources of funding and expenditure, thus developing a sense of responsibility towards students.

Everything that works in a systematic way, sustains. Working with a schedule help tidy the college time. In the light of this innovation, our college now has a joint venture of the councils under the chairmanship of Dr. Neelendra Badal. This venture includes Cultural, Literary, Sports councils along with P.F.A.C. and Hobby Club. With this joint committee, all the heads of forums and councils should develop a schedule of the year. This can help in reducing the complexity of events occurring simultaneously, having equal opportunities to develop impression on students and show diverse modulations of extra-curricular activities. It is the best way possible for improving present terms in college. Further, there also must be a joint committee for the forums of the college.

Thus all the running societies should remain equally active by initiating new ideas of working. This marks the advent of new culture in the college and helps us in all-round development thus creating an exciting and well-united scenario in the college.

Alumni too play a vital role in the development of the stature of the college. It is somewhere rightly said that alumni are the most valuable wealth of any institution for they represent the college round the globe. Losing touch with these past performers is compromising with the future quality the students. They provide edge to the students when they help even in the tiniest possible ways. In this scenario, it becomes imperative to be in touch with them and keep learning from their experiences. 

Our motive should be to bridge up the gap of student-alumni relationship thus making the alumni cell more strong and pivotal. Their involvement in decision making of the college will divert fund for college. This will not only keep them bounded with college, but also make them aware and they can help the students in further opportunities. By associating with alumni, KNIT will not only open the doors of opportunities for students but also encourage placement drive in campus. Many companies can be called if we have a healthy contact with them. Their ideas are based upon the skills they develop after years of hard work, so their assistance in decision making of the college will always prove to be fruitful. Alumni with their active participation in day to day life of college can help us divert our minds in constructive direction. This can be done by calling an alumnus of respect in campus for motivational speech, by helping students through internship platform and by creating opportunities that interests them as well.

After the involvement of alumni in the college activities, we can add an Innovation portal. Innovation portal shall be a platform where our alumni can suggest the changes we should come up with in order to illuminate us with ideas. These ideas could provide us tips to improve the scenario of any existing problem or a new venture that could be carried out for a better future. They can further suggest us the ideas of events that are conducted in corporate culture. These events may then help us grow with market and keep us up to date.

In this current scenario, all that the companies look for in job applicants is how innovatively they can implement the knowledge they’ve acquired in this degree term i.e. practical implementation of engineering. Our college isn’t at par. We are unable to get out the “true” engineer in us. The reasons maybe as remote location of the college, and hence sometimes we have to face dark consequences.

Career Development Cell, along with E-cell of our college can provide a solution. They can communicate with alumni working at premium high end sector companies and conduct ventures in our college for industrial visits. These firms would help our college in practical knowledge implementation for students. Visits to firms and industries in near vicinity would be fruitful and economical. It provides an opportunity to plan, organize and engage ourselves in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Not only it enhances the student’s creativity but also it helps students to see their future place in the working world. It also serves as a relation building process between institute and industry. High level company officials from various companies should be invited to the college to lend guest lectures so that they can come and get to know about our college. Later on they should be contacted for placements. Tie-ups with companies for internships and skill development can be made to increase the internship culture. Making a nexus with other AKTU government colleges’ Career Development Cell and E-Cell for off-campus placements can be beneficial.

There are many organization and universities which offers opportunities for students to participate in conferences and meetings. Student should take advantage of more conferences and workshops to explore the world. Such student research targeted conference and seminars helps in exploring the world of research and to provide them with unique opportunities for networking and development. In long run, these kinds of programs can prove beneficial for students in developing their career in their respective fields.

A successful workshop is again a solution and provides participants with new skills, information, and a sense of accomplishment. The workshops also provide opportunities for participants to interact and learn actively. Nevertheless, it succeeds only when participation of students is cordial. Many workshops go unnoticed to students. This demotivates the workshop organizers. Further, with reduction of interest of students, the seminars conducted have reduced on a fast pace. Only solution to these problems is to increase the electronic media communication.

Besides social networking websites mode, communication should also include SMS service. This will help news to spread across students and mark the advent of new era in KNIT. Also, the policies for placement drives or the constraints as per which the students gets barred from attending drives, or dress codes, which might aid the students should be mailed to them.  The launching of CDC website  is a great start which could serve as platform to ease out these issues.

In this sensibility of democracy, equal weightage must be given to every sustaining part of this curriculum. Giving extra-credence to these forums might awaken the sleeping dreams of the students. These new ideas would help to teach and provide us with new strategies of how to face the real world when we step into corporate sector, where life would be running for a job and searching for some devotion towards it.

Thus making work as the aim of development, we will always find it comprehensive to have happiness filled college-life. All this fits in the block only if every side of block is transfixed at its original position and then stands the perfect figurine of the pillars of the college. To keep everything fixed, we should work, become active and be a part of it. Thus with a motto – ‘At least, attempt in order to improve’ we should work over for a better tomorrow.

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