The Road To Be Taken

The Road To Be Taken

By : Atul Chaturvedi
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                                                                     The Road To Be Taken

“Yes, I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”  These famous lines by Oscar Wilde very well define the state of mind of young budding talents of our college. Yes, we are talking about our juniors, our very own young KNITians who have entered a new phase of life with lots of aspirations and dreams in their inquisitive eyes to prove themselves in this new world. The one, who once used to rely on his parents more for monetary needs, would be himself providing financial support to his family in the coming years. Coming across the new atmosphere, some get nervous, some get excited, but at the end everyone wants a perfect ending. Always remember that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, or the end. Life is not about waiting for the best it’s about taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next.

Year 2016 saw numerous KNITians coming out victorious in their respective battles. Our seniors hosted flags of victory in every field they desired. But the fruit of success was not very easily plucked. There was a huge deal of planning and toiling behind them. We have some of our winners to share with their younger generation what it took to reach such great heights.

Being a KNITian in itself is a privilege. Yet, many of you must have had the notion that not being an IITian or NITian has taken a big toll on you, that life now cannot be graver than this, that now all you have got to do these four years is to lament about not getting into one of those prestigious IITs or NITs. But have you ever asked yourself, “Is it worth all the mourning?” Well, for some, wailing was never the option. They decided on making lemonades from the lemons life showered on them. They took it on themselves to make best use of the knowledge and guidance of their professors and did the incredible. And it is our turn and duty to make you realise the potential of being a KNITian.

The main point is - This is the college you have earned out of your toil and you have to do whatever you can do to make your four years fruitful. Why upset? Either you are that much capable of getting into IITs or NITs or don't cry at all. Just think that it’s all what you deserved.”-Nikhil Singh, Mechanical Engineering, GATE AIR-273, working at BPCL.

The snippet above reflects the positivism and the vision one should have at the very moment. It’s not about what has already happened; it’s about what is yet to come. And so was the case with our “go-getters” who took it on themselves to prove the blind believers of the IIT squad a push. They engrossed themselves in achieving their dream goals and the zero distractions of the place and unbounded attention from the professors just added cherry on the cake.

 “Now, in spite of all of the factors it is very important to keep yourself motivated and remind yourself that you are on a learning curve. Imbibe as much knowledge as possible. The fact that you are just out of college and open to fresh ideas is a great positive. What you lack in experience can be made up by the power of your imagination and innovation in your ideas. “-Konica Yadav, Civil Engineering, studying at IIM Kozhikone.

KNIT is a heritage, an institution that forfeits the defeat enormous times. To such an institution there are brave seniors who came out victorious in the wars they headed for. As put up by Ashutosh Pratap Singh, Mechanical Engineering, GATE AIR-1100, studying at IIT Delhi, “KNIT has a legacy of producing some really talented people. Our alumni are present in various sector MNC’s and PSUs at coveted posts.  Besides, there are others who cracked competitive exams to get into reputed institutes.”

“I know the fact that the college lags a little bit in terms of placement and facilities, but the student are really good here. I loved the bond between the seniors and juniors. They are the real source of our knowledge gain after the faculty.”- Saalim Mohammad, Computer Science and Engineering, AIR 1049, studying at IIT Hyderabad  

These excerpts from our recent pass-outs reflect that it’s our vision which defines the scope from KNIT. All one needs is the right direction and optimum utilisation of the available resources.

‘’… don’t get upset if KNIT is not up to your expectations, there are a lot of good things here. Study well and also engage yourself in extra activities like forums and councils as it helps to relieve boredom and stress. Do play some kind of sports like cricket, football etc., that keeps you afresh” –Shubham Goel, Computer Science and Engineering, GATE AIR-13, studying at IISC Bangalore.

“KNIT is a registered IEEE college .So we have access to all the magazines,
libraries and research papers available at the IEEE website free of cost.
(You have to use college network for this).Make full use of it… Also, the library contains all standard books and magazines… one should spend a few hours weekly there…”-
Sumit Verma, Computer Science and Engineering, GATE AIR-1440, studying at IIT Hyderabad.

The best thing I would say in KNIT is the internet… but yes, you need to explore it”- Shantwana Dixit, Information Technology, GATE AIR-138, studying at IIT Delhi.

Internet is the prime resource KNIT has blessed its students with. It helps the students to balance the lacking exposure due to the college location.  Proper and optimum use of internet provides an edge to the students in achieving their goals. Also, seniors are best torch-bearers for juniors. The legacy of knowledge and responsibilities transfer helps juniors to craft their future goals.

“Seniors in KNIT are an indispensable part of an engineer's life. You need to seek maximum positivism from them. Right amount and direction of efforts in my final year helped me clear the written CAT exam. For the interview, the ambiance of KNIT was helpful to a large extent. The co-curricular activities help you explore the avenues for building a better personality, which you can always hone with participation in competitions of prestigious institutes” -Mohit Kumar, Electronics Engineering, studying at IIM Kashipur.

The views given by the seniors above makes it clear that however minimal the resources are, it’s eventually the amount of  dedication you put in which will decide the fate. KNIT has sufficient resources to find out one’s potential to grind out the maximum.

What else that matters is the love for your subject. If you have a hunger to know more about your domain, if you have a hunger to quest for knowledge then you will never be afraid to do boundless efforts.
To me computer science is like:
The more I know about it, the more I want to know;
The deeper I get, the deeper I want to go.
So, this quest for some more knowledge in computer science drove me towards higher studies. My strategy was to keep doing what I love to do.”-
Nidhi Singh, Computer Science and Engineering GATE AIR 482, studying at IIT-Bombay.

There are numerous exams students can appear for while in college, the major being GATE, CAT, BARC, eLitmus, etc. They do need knowledge of subjects and aptitude with added focus and consistency.

“My sincere advice to the aspirants is that focus on conceptual clarity rather than rote learning. If you have a good understanding of the subject, you can crack any exam with good rank.”Ashutosh Pratap Singh.

Also the life ahead demands one to be all-rounder. It’s now a synonym of being smart in the professional world. This adjective adds to our persona when we try available options without fear of losing because it’s ultimately the experience which is going to matter.

“…you should try to maximise participation in various events… because it’s not about winning, it’s about learning.”- Shantwana Dixit.

 As stated by Konica Yadav, “… before you set your foot in a B-school, naturally a lot of ground works needs to be done for sustaining here. Some things that should essentially be taken care of are:

  1. Go for meaningful and good internships. This will give you some idea of the functioning in a particular industry you are working in.

       2.    Positions-Of-Responsibilities that you hold in your college life are very important. They give you confidence. You get at least some vague idea of how to go about affairs as a leader. They also play a huge role in CV building.

       3.    Inculcate a habit of reading. The only way of empowering yourself is reading. But mere reading won’t help. Have opinions. It is very important for you to have an informed opinion about everything going about in the world.

      4.    Participate in competitions. This will give you confidence. It will also help you get into the habit of airing your ideas confidently in front of people and also will fetch you some more points for your CV. “

This college not only opens a gate to the path of being a successful engineer one day but also aims at enhancing every aspects of one’s personality. Besides forums and council, there is literary council to promote vocational and writing skill of the students to the level where they can touch the horizon of influential writer and expert speaker. This college gives opportunities to the students to cement them into the cultural scene through varied events throughout the year.

In the race to glory, the last but not the least requisite is motivation in life. Hard work without proper motivation and strategy is like catching a fish without bait. Like bait, motivation fuels the desire burning in your heart of hearts. There may be times when you will face hundreds of failures, obstacles and hurdles. Always keep chanting for yourself that no matter in the end all the sleepless nights will be worth it, as we all know that victory tastes the best after hundreds of defeats. Remember all that matters is how many times you get up when life punches you down. Never ever let vague fear let you down.

“Don't be afraid of momentary failures, as these are there only to test your patience and make your stronger. Believe in yourself and remember always that, "You fall only to stand up again." – Mohit Kumar.

Apart from all the material complexities, it’s the life we spend in these four years which count. It is going to create a hell lot of memories and it’s the flashback of the life lived here which is going to bring tears to your eyes and love to your heart.

“I made friends and I lost some and finally got those who stuck with me till the time when I was finally packing my bags for the last time. KNIT did teach me how to stay calm and keep going in all the circumstances.”- Nidhi Singh.

College life precludes real world where we are the captain of our own ship and it is up to us how smoothly we sail through the storms. College life is the transition from warm haven of our elders to a completely different environment with strange people. It teaches us how to stand distinct in the crowd. It teaches us how to live through difficulties and sing in harmony when facing the music. It is the time when we burn in the fanning blaze of defeats only to emerge like a phoenix. We strive hard to create a name for ourselves because-

 “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.”- George Bernard Shaw

And in the end of our four year journey- We are born again.



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