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What is an E-Cell?

Entrepreneurship has traditionally been defined as the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business.

E-Cell in KNIT is a student body. It works in collaboration with Alumni committee, faculty and the students. It aims to promote entrepreneurship drive among the students of KNIT.
Entrepreneurship Cell is one of its kinds.

• It broadens up the link between student and alumni.
• It works for the development of start up, in and outside the campus. It helps to develop it into a million dollar company.
• It helps in embedding the idea of entrepreneurship among students.
• It fosters the need of today's fast growing tech colleges by giving us an idea to manage and manipulate the market strategies, market knowledge, and knowledge of competitive world.

E-Cell is a community, not only for entrepreneurs but also for the students who desire to have a better professional persona. It marks the exposure of a student towards market. It lets them understand the market strategy, even before exposing themselves to the market.

What are the sources of funds? Who administers them?

E-Cell is an extension towards the incubation and innovation centre set up in KNIT. The body enhances the importance of the centre and makes it solely worthy. Therefore, funds are raised from college. We, as a team, shall try to raise the funds more through sponsorships. These funds shall be monitored by the alumni, faculty and student committee being setup. Consent of all three committees is mandatory in order to utilize the funds. The grants of Alumni can also be a source of funding this organization. Further the details of all the grants received and spent shall be timely updated on the website to ensure transparency in the system.

How will E-Cell work?

Entrepreneurship Cell in KNIT will help the young budding engineer entrepreneurs to cultivate their ideas and harvest them as a successful start up. For this, E-Cell has teams that shall put their effort best to make the idea a success.

• MARKETING: This setup under E-Cell aims for fund raising of the events. It is also responsible for contacting the companies for sponsorship and maintaining corporate relationship.

• MEDIA AND PUBLICITY: It is the part under the E-cell system that manages the coverage and promotion of workshop. It manages the publicity of the events taking place under the E-Cell oraganization. It publicises various events through online medium.

• EVENTO: This part of the E-Cell shall look after organizing events in the college campus. This setup is responsible for organizing lectures for entrepreneurship drive and mentoring young entrepreneurs. This setup under E-Cell looks after ground solutions and help in reaching out to other campuses.

• WEBSITE : A website developed to update the information about the upcoming events and programs.Sole purpose of the website shall be to entice various entrepreneurs to fund the innovative ideas. These ideas shall be put up on the website and help the young engineer entrepreneurs to give them a platform for their startups. Visit ecellknit.com to explore more.

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