By : Mohit D Flawless
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“O judgement , thou art fled to brutish beasts,

And men have lost their reason.”

These famous lines by the ‘Bard of Avon’, William Shakespeare need not much acknowledgement. The lines are spoken by Mark Anthony when Caesar is murdered and over his burial in the city he delivers the speech. Its meaning carves out that the ability to differentiate between right and wrong has disappeared from the men.


Shakespeare’s heart would have sank if he was alive in today’s world, bleeding more precisely, on watching how the homo sapiens still sabotage and kill themselves over petty issues, on how riots are caused over sectarian reaction to a perceived grievance or out of dissent, although Shakespeare himself gave this powerful message to be learnt in the crux of Julius Caesar centuries before.


It is a matter of shame for us that today when the majority of the world’s population is educated and walk past vistas of wide wisdom, peace and harmony, in the form of books, preachings and even self -lessons learned , throughout their life, still resort to clashes with their own  brothers.


The recent example to this is the Muzaffarnagar riots in U.P. in August, September 2013, that claimed over 40 lives and injured 93. The riot kicked off after an alleged eve-teasing incident, no big to claim the precious lives of even a single person, 43 is a way big number. The Assam violence between the Bodos and the Bengali speaking Muslims or the 2011 England riots of Tottenham, all these clashes started up with petty dissent issues but dooming its result to incessant lynches and killings. Such incidents have transparented the wall between humans and animals.


Its high time for the mankind to unite, wake up from their sleep and listen to what the noetic intellectuals like William Shakespeare, Swami Vivekananda, Lord Buddha or even their own religion has advocated. We are the children of one God and we must act resplendently, soldiering for the betterment of the world as a whole, before something ominous happens on one’s own personal behalf.



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