By : Akanksha Singh Raghuvanshi
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Initiatives like Clean India , Make in India, Namami Gange seem to have captured the imagination of the common man. Some say that such things will indeed make a difference while some think that these are nothing but paper tigers and their implementation by the government or by non government organisations is really tough. But how many of us have actually been a part of such campaigns, whether they are run by the government, any NGO or a group of people in our own neighbourhood? The answer is only a handful  of people amongst us. We take great pleasure in criticising things from outside, but when it comes to being a part of the framework and doing our own bit, most of us step back. When we see celebrities campaigning for Clean India on television , we say that it is all superficial, an eye-wash. But what are we doing, just sitting at our homes and waiting for someone else to take up the broom and clean India, or educate us about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. We shun responsibilities because if we take the responsibility for everything then we will have no one to blame. In countries like Japan after any match the spectators themselves clean the whole stadium, they did so even during the FIFA world cup in Brazil, when their country was playing  against Ivory Coast. It is high time that we understand our responsibilities as citizens and take things in our own hands. Keeping our homes clean is a good thing, but we should understand that home doesn't only consist of the four walls in which we live, but our country is our home too.  We should stop throwing trash on the roads, or here and there and instead put it in the dustbin. Instead of criticising others we should make sure that at least we ourselves give two hours every week for a cleaner India. We need to make cleanliness a habit, whether we are at our homes, or public places. Kids should be encouraged to take part in this initiative while still in school, because good things need to begin early in life. Things won't happen by themselves, we need to make them happen.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi " Be the change, you want to see."



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