From A Mother...

From A Mother...

By : Akanksha Singh Raghuvanshi
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Sometimes they said 'You are not meant for this'

Other times they said 'This is not meant for you'

Every time I envisaged a dream and took a step ahead

They threatened 'Move back, else you'll rue'


I led a life not at all mine

Their whims and surmises were all it revolved around

My life wasn't mine, it was theirs actually

I was more a puppet with strings bound


Even the air I breathed was alien to me

filled with the smog of their opinion and belief

It suffocated me, pinning me down

While I sighed deeply for relief


For years, I suffered this repression

With eyes tightly shut and lips kept quiet

But now I couldn't bear to see this

My little angel in the same wretched plight


My dreams were taken away, but hers

I won't let them snatch ever

My hopes were crushed and crumpled

hers, I'll not let them rob ever


I didn't stand up for myself, but for my angel

I'll put up a brave fight

They may try to scare me, pull me down

But this time, I'll take on them

With all my courage and might


I murdered my dreams for them

Yet they weren't ever gratified

they instead made me a sacrificial lamb

Waiting for its slaughter to be ratified


They said 'In the end everything will be alright'

It never happened so..

Now they wish my daughter to toe the line

But I'll make sure 'She doesn't bow'


There's no light left in my life, only a darkness prevails

Immersed in gloom, biding till doom, I trudge towards the end

Yet, there burns a flame inside me, keeping me alive

My reason to live is a little angel whom I have to tend


Before I retire for my eternal rest

A few errands I have to do, a couple of amends to make

I was taught to accept with a smile all my agony and pain

My daughter, I'll make sure battle's it out not making the same mistake


I didn't demand what was my due

My daughter wouldn't be the same

I'll teach her 'If one doesn't ask, one doesn't get'

So 'Stand up and make your claim'


All the daughters in the world 'Wake up! It's high time'

Don't bow, don't bend or suffer in good god's name

He made you strong enough to bear the greatest of all pains

So be firm and prove the world 'You are no longer tame'


The world is yours, it always was

Come forward and conquer it again

You made the world, it didn't make you..

Belong to you, all its beauty, grandeur and acclaim





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