A Note of Love

A Note of Love

By : Shubham Saxena
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Dubious deadly borders, restrict my emotion,

National Service in this cursed place of commotion;

Couldn’t meet you, my dear admirable daughter,

Here, I stand in dull distant delicate backwaters.


The heavens rejoiced, danced with thrill,

This day you were born with perfection instilled;

With Supreme blessings of the holy angels,

You came to earth to brighten it with candles.


Strong and determined without any flaws,

And benevolence that everyone will applause;

Your thoughtful nature makes you versatile,

Like, each sunny day, wish you always smile.


Wish your days be filled with joyous ecstasies,

And true come live each one of all fantasies;

Wish no misery can ever get you hurt,

And your honor may never have any dirt.


Wish you continue climbing greater heights,

Just like the ascending high independent kites;

And can be lead in only a sole focused direction,

By the string of sympathy, ambition and affection.


Writing this birthday poem, though bit late,

Sorry, from my heart, keeping frankly straight;

Wishing you, each day alike a new birthday,

Happiness and adventure life always portrays.


Nevertheless, I shall be returning quite soon,

To embrace in arms, my exquisite bright moon;

Patience that persists for this tricking juncture,

You, in my vicinity is all that I can picture.


To watch you run and jump around merrily,

And hailing, my name makes heart-throb briefly;

No suffering or tragedy nor deeply seated pain,

Could ever overshadow, the love we always retained.

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