Ocean of Silence

Ocean of Silence

By : Devoshree Mukherji
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Ocean of Silence…..

Flowing into the deep ocean of thoughts

I found an island of silence…..

Where there is force, but no violence

Where darkness creeps, but none to speak

Amidst the ocean of silence, I saw a melancholy girl

She looked so pretty sitting under the light

In her long flowing dress, so pure and so white

Her face dull and heart screaming inside

Wrapped in the waves of tradition silently she weeps

Shackled in custom’s chain, yet fire in her eyes

She has loads to infer but none to hear

Surrounded by noisy ocean, stifle silence she feels

Drop of her tears when falls into the ocean of thoughts

Creates the wave fervently crashing ashore of silence

Splashes of water, walloping her face

Smashing her inner soul’s grace

Appeals to scream, appeals to speak

Before her eventual twilight sleep

Her heart filled inside with grief of past

Shatters her inner soul’s cast

Girl who lost her smile in the shuffle of time

Comes back to life, very much alive

Her voice was her wings

Unfettered her from chains and rings

She walked through the ocean of silence

To reach up to the heaven’s shore

In deeds, in words, in gestures and of course in spirits.








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