She Has Gone Away

She Has Gone Away

By : Vishwajeet Srivastava
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She Has Gone Away

The day was 17, the month was June,

when somebody met me in the afternoon.

Litters of love along her feet,

the thing which I trail, for the first meet.


For a moment, she stood poised,

her heart beats erratically, yet calm was her voice,

‘something’ she was saying in the chaos of noise,

But “Warmth of her smile” was the only thing,

which I rejoice.


Let, all her tears from my eyes,

& my blessings, just go to her side,

may glories are added, on her every ride,

for her smile, I can strive.


Her thoughts cluttered my mind,

which always makes me remind,

Why for her,

my “Heart”, dominates “Brain”,

& just her eyes in every grain!!!


Still, amidst dark crimson clouds & blue light ray,

leaving him alone all along the way,

no reprisals, yet a lot to say,

But in her vein “SHE HAS GONE AWAY”.


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