Teacher: Light in Disguise

Teacher: Light in Disguise

By : Shubham Saxena
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Horrifying gloom engulfed the soul of passion,
No tone, No trail, No footprint to supervene;
Fear resided within heart, determination distorted,
Not a sole inspirational objective could be foreseen.

A golden spark of illuminance struck the vision's scope,
Like source of motivation, compassed every advancement;
Stanced up firmly, far-gazed upon the solitary hope,
Followed it, blindly, being carelessly uncalm, impatient.

That bleak light, moulded every inpredictable destiny,
Equipped a coward amateur into fierce battle of existence;
Delivered from uncertain dubious trance to meledious dance,
It's you, our faith,guidance,rather,life's inestimable essence.

Alike withered man's stick, you stood by every spark,
Masculated, every gradual perishing light in dusty dark; 
Cherished out profiency towards optimistic inclination,
Entirely accredited to your selfless benevolent dedication.

By and by, Fate splits every incorruptible connection,
You dispensed generous feathers to escalate off aloft;
Yet memories wont perish, with crucial turbulent seasons,
'Cause, you dwell, enclosed, our core angled pretty soft.

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