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SIRI is a part of Apple Inc.’s ios which works as an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator. In simpler words, a software that answers to any question of yours, by adapting  to the user’s individual searches and offers results that are individualized. The feature uses a natural language user interface to answer questions and make recommendations.

Beta version of Siri offers conversational interaction with many applications, including reminders, messaging, e-mail, web browser, notes, maps, etc.It uses speech recognition technology. A key feature of the R&D behind Siri, is its artificial intelligence programming aimed to allow it to adapt to users individual language usage. It approximately supports ten languages including Mandarian and Japanese.

Siri gets its name from Sigrid meaning beauty and victory. It was co-founded by SRI’s Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Tom Gruber. Its primary technical areas focus on a conversational interface, personal context awareness and service delegation. It also contains numerous pre-programmed responses to conversational and amusing questions. These are designed to provide an entertainment factor and give it human like qualities.

Ask Siri,   Q: “Why did Apple make you?”

                  A: To make your life easier and more fun

                  Q: “Are you a human siri?”

                  A: Close enough, I’d say.

                  Q: “Do you believe in God?”

                  A: Humans have spiritualism. I have siliconism.

And these are the replies from it, filled with enormous amount of wit. Undoubtedly, Siri makes its mark.

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